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The Plot To Kill Lazarus
John 12:9-11

John Chester

Piedmont Bible Church is a Grace Advance church plant in Haymarket, Virginia.  We meet together each Sunday at  11 a.m. for Worship in songs and hymns, scripture reading, prayer, and the exposition of God’s Word.  We have just moved into our new facility at 14910 Washington St in Haymarket, VA and we welcome you to join us for worship this Lord's Day.

We are committed to the authority of Scripture and seek to pattern our ministry after the model found in the New Testament.  PBC is a growing community of believers dedicated to the Worship of the triune God, study of God's Word, prayer, mutual encouragement  and helping one another grow in godliness through discipleship and by fulfilling the one another commands of the New Testament.  We would be honored if you joined us for worship and allow us the opportunity to serve you.