Midweek Bible Study

Midweek Bible Study
The Midweek Bible Study is on Summer Break until 9/12/18

Dive deeper into the Word at our midweek Bible Study. Every Wednesday evening at 7:30 we gather at the church for a time of interactive study as well as fellowship and prayer.

Our current study is a survey of the Old Testament.  Why the Old Testament?  Because nearly 78% of God's written revelation is found in the Old Testament.  If you were to read through the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, in order, using a read through the Bible in a year plan, you wouldn't get to the New Testament until mid-October.  Far too little attention is paid to the Old Testament that contains so much of God's Word.

Why a survey?  Because often when we do study the Old Testament we often do so with a narrow focus. We study creation, or the life of David, or the Book of Daniel and we miss the big picture and grand themes of the Old Testament.  This study is designd to help us get the big picture and see the main themes of the Old Testament and how the books of the Old Testament, written over 1,000 years, relate to one another as well as the New Testament.

All who would like to grow in their understanding of the Bible are welcome. Study materials provided. For more info email pastor John at jchester@piedmontbible.org.